AR Augmented Reality

AR for Architecture: Capture Rooms with iPhone & iPad

2D Floor Plan

Dimensioning and merging of multiple rooms.
Share 2D plan as SVG image.

3D Model

Visualize rooms as interactive 3D graphics.
Share 3D model as HTML web page.

VR Virtual Reality

Experience captured rooms in Virtual Reality.
Share as WebVR document.

Meta Data

Auto-calculated areas, cubature
and geolocation data

The ARchi VR App

By combining Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, the ARchi VR app makes it easy to measure rooms and automatically generate 2D floor plans as well as 3D and VR models with your mobile iOS device.

ARchi VR is available for iPhone 6S or later, iPhone SE, the iPad Pro, and the latest 9.7-inch iPad with iOS 11 installed.

From AR to VR, in One Minute.

Capture rooms as 2D, 3D & VR:

  • Scan a room using Augmented Reality
  • Capture floor, walls, doors and windows
  • View captured room as 2D floor plan with dimensioning
  • View captured room as 3D model
  • Merge multiple rooms to one floor plan and one 3D model
  • Walk through captured rooms in a Virtual Reality experience
  • Share your floor plan as SVG image via email, message, …
  • Share your 3D & VR models as HTML page (WebVR)
  • Upload captured rooms to a Web-based editor: change space,
    add furnitures, simulate sunlight, and export CAD models

Quick Start. The First Steps.

Capture a room:

  1. Press + sign on top right of start screen.
  2. Point camera to the floor.
  3. Move camera slowly around.
  4. Keep going until floor plane is detected.
  5. Mark corners of floor-wall edges by tapping screen when corner is in finder sight.
  6. Close walls or click "Done" button.
  7. Capture doors and windows with a diagonal on corresponding wall.
  8. Click "Save" button on top right.
  9. Enter a name for the captured room.
Done! Your room ist captured. Select room to view in 2D and 3D.
Hints for capturing floor
Capturing the floor plane can sometimes be tricky. When a floor is very glossy and without any structure it even might be impossible to recognize a plane.
  • Try moving to the side or repositioning your phone.
  • Try moving your phone slower.
  • Try turning on more lights.
  • Torch light of device may help on short distances.
  • Try placing a newspaper on the floor.

Merge rooms:

  1. Press bottom left button of start screen.
  2. Select multiple rooms to merge.
  3. You may filter rooms by floor level and/or address.
  4. Press "Merge" button on the bottom right.
Done! Check the result in the 2D floor plan of newly generated model.
Hint for merging rooms
Rooms are connected via their door counterparts. Therefore door types need to fit and as well be sized and placed more or less accordingly.

Fix wrong door types using the popup menu in the floor plan view or in the 3D view before merging.
Find more information in the Howto Guide

       Web-based 3D editor powered by Archilogic.

Edit 3D Models. Add Interiors.

Upload captured rooms to Web-based 3D editor:

  • Send captured rooms from the mobile ARchi VR app to the Web-based Archilogic platform.
  • Use your desktop Web browser for extensive 3D editing.
  • Edit architectural elements such as floors, walls, windows, doors, columns, and stairs.
  • Add interior elements using a large furniture library.
  • Change parameters such as size, position and materials (colors and textures).
  • Simulate realistic lighting based on sunlight orientation (date, daytime, geographic location).
  • Export models to various 2D & 3D file formats.
  • Share your room models via public Web URLs.

Technologies. What ARchi VR is built on.

The Augmented Reality functionality of the ARchi VR app is implemented using Apple's new ARKit technology.
ARchi VR uses WebVR to bring Virtual Reality to the Web. Supported by Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and via Polyfill by other Web browsers such as Safari.
The 3D and VR views are realized as WebVR content using the A-Frame technology which is based on WebGL and three.js.
The open source toolkit provides A-Frame components to generate architectural models and to access furnitures from an impressive interior library.
The toolkit is powered by Archilogic. Archilogic provides a web-based 3D platform for architecture and interiors.

WebVR on all devices. Illustration by Arturo Paracuellos

WebVR. For All of Us.

Share result of Archi VR as WebVR:

  • Share 3D models and VR models as WebVR documents.
  • Send via email, message, iCloud document, Google Drive file, ...
  • Embed 3D WebVR view in your own Web site.
  • View 3D and VR models on SmartPhones (iPhone, Android).
  • View 3D and VR models on Tablets (iPad, Android).
  • View 3D and VR models on Desktop PCs (Mac, Windows).
  • View VR models with Google Cardboard (iPhone, Android).
  • View VR models with VR glasses (Daydream, Oculus, Hive, ...).