Metason by Philipp Ackermann

Metason was funded early 2013 in Zurich by Philipp Ackermann and started with software development for macOS, iOS and the Web focusing on the music application "ArtistInfo". Philipp is lecturer for Visual Computing at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences and teaches in 3D computer graphics, virtual reality, augmented reality, game development, and eHealth technologies.


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ArtistInfo - An other App from Metason

ArtistInfo for iOS and Mac

  • Explore relations on musicians, bands, composers, arrangers, producers, albums, music instruments, and musical genres.
  • Enrich your listening experience with contextual information about artists.
  • Interactively browse deeper into the world of your favorite artists.
  • More on ArtistInfo.

ArtistInfo for Web

  • Content about artists and albums is also provided as Web pages.
  • ArtistInfo is supporting universal links (that work in App and on Web).
  • More on ArtistInfo for Web.
  • Go directly to ArtistInfo for Web.