AR Augmented Reality

AR for Architecture: Capture Rooms with iPhone & iPad

User-generated AR Content

Augment captured spaces with markers, arrows,
text panels, and catalog objects.

2D Floor Plan

Dimensioning and merging of multiple rooms.
Share 2D plan as SVG image.

3D Model

Visualize rooms as interactive 3D graphics.
Share 3D model as HTML web page.

VR Virtual Reality

Experience captured rooms in Virtual Reality.
Share as WebVR document.

Meta Data

Auto-calculated areas, volumes,
and geolocation data

Explore Augmented Reality

Reopen captured and augmented rooms on-site in AR.
Download and explore curated AR presentations.

The ARchi VR App

Scan and augment rooms, browse and collaborate in XR spaces

By combining Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, the ARchi VR app makes it easy to capture rooms and add user-generated content with your mobile iOS device. Automatically generates 2D floor plans and 3D models of scanned rooms. Browse through extended reality experiences.

ARchi VR is available for iPhone X or later, iPhone SE, iPad, and iPad Pro with iOS 13.0+ installed.
04.2024: New Version 3.3 of ARchi VR App released on Apple App Store.
04.2024: Draw onto world or sketch in air. See video.
10.2023: Augment products with interactive and animated information. See video.
01.2023: Automatic scanning of rooms and furnitures. See video.
07.2022: Collaboration in 2D, 3D, and AR using FaceTime with SharePlay. See video.
02.2021: Launch of IFC/BIM export as downloadable workflow extension.
09.2020: ARchi VR wins the AVR Competition 2020 Award. See demo video.

From AR to VR in One Minute.

Capture, augment, and share rooms as 2D and 3D:

  • Automatic scaning of rooms with its funrnitures
  • Manual capturing of floor, walls, doors, and windows
  • Add and edit markers, zones, interiors, and equipment
  • Augment spaces with user-generated content
  • Add images, text panels, and voice messages to items
  • Add 3D objects from downloadable catalogs
  • Reopen captured and augmented rooms on-site in AR
  • View captured rooms as 2D floor plans with dimensioning
  • View and edit captured rooms in 3D
  • Merge multiple rooms to one appartment floor plan & 3D model
  • Walk through captured rooms in a Virtual Reality experience
  • Share your floor plan as an SVG image via email, message, …
  • Share your 3D room model as an HTML page (WebVR)
  • Share rooms between your iOS devices via iCloud
  • Explore curated AR presentations
  • Collaborate within captured spaces via Facetime in 2D, 3D, and AR

Quick Start: The First Steps.

Capture a room:

  1. Press "+" sign on top right of start screen.
  2. Point camera to the floor.
  3. Move camera around slowly.
  4. Keep going until floor plane is detected.
  5. Mark corners along the perimeter of the floor by tapping the screen when they are aligned within the finder crosshairs.
  6. Finish the floor blueprint by joining the last corner to the first, or by clicking the “Done” button.
  7. Capture doors and windows with a diagonal along a corresponding wall.
  8. Click the "Save" button on top right.
  9. Enter a name for the captured room.
Done! Your room is captured. Select the room from the list on the home screen to view it in 2D or 3D.
Hints for capturing floor
Capturing the floor plane can sometimes be tricky. If a floor’s texture is too smooth or glossy, it might even be impossible for the app to scan.
  • Try moving to the side or repositioning your phone.
  • Try moving your phone slower.
  • Try turning on more lights.
  • Try turning on your phone’s flashlight.
  • Try placing a newspaper on the floor to add texture.

Merge rooms:

  1. Press the bottom left button of start screen.
  2. Select multiple rooms to merge.
  3. You may filter rooms by floor level and/or address.
  4. Press the "Merge" button on the bottom right.
Done! Check the result in the 2D floor plan of the newly generated model.
Hint for merging rooms
Rooms are connected via shared doorways. Therefore door types (e.g whether a door swings in or out, hinges on the left or right) need to match up to be recognized as the same.

You can edit a door’s type before merging rooms using the popup menu in a room’s reopened AR, 2D or 3D view.
Find more information in the How to Capture Rooms guide.

Augment your space:

  • Add markers, arrows, and text panels to a scanned space.
  • Capture zones, interiors, and equipment.
  • Add 3D objects from downloadable catalogs.
  • Add text and voice messages to 3D objects.
  • Add pictures from your photo library to the scene.
Done! Your room is augmented. View your enhanced space in 2D and 3D. Find more information in the How to Augment Spaces guide.

Explore curated AR content:

  • Use AR services to generate AR content.
  • reopen your own augmented spaces on-site in AR.
  • Share rooms between your iOS devices via iCloud.
  • Download and explore curated AR presentations.
  • Enjoy interactive AR experiences.
Using Universal Links, Archi VR allows organizations to create extensions for the app containing downloadable 3D catalogs, AR services, integration workflows, and curated AR presentations (combining HTML pages and embedded AR scenes).

Find more information in the Technical Documentation on how to develop App Extensions and how to create curated AR content for the ARchi VR App.