ARchi VR Screen Videos

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Table of contents showing all available ARchi VR screen video.

Overview Videos Features & Functions
  • IFC Extension: Export Building Information Model (BIM) as IFC file to Architectural CAD (Version 2.4 Winter 2021)
  • Catalog Elements with Behavior: Add (working) analog clock and barometer to AR scene (Version 2.4 Winter 2021)
  • Dynamic AR content: Animations, interactions, and data gauges in 3D (Version 2.4 Winter 2021)
  • 2D UI Elements: Switch, stepper, and slider for user interaction with AR scene (Version 2.4 Winter 2021)
  • Spatial AR Behavior: Proximity, Visibility and Gazing (Version 2.3 Summer 2020)
  • Document Creation via Workflow Extension: Server-based Integration of App Data (Version 2.2 Spring 2020)